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Exciting updates for Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling Card Game, Ring of Honor, and Chikara!

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  • Beware the Basilisk in ORIGINS 2136

    What more needs to be said? Beware the coming of the Basilisk! This mysterious inhuman creature will be invading the GWF in ORIGINS 2136. He has emerged from the deepest, darkest jungles on Castilex to the terror of every wrestler he will face! But who is he? What is his story? How did he escape? […]

  • The Best of the Indies Set is Complete with the Addition of Effy!

    The final name in the Best of the Indies 2020 game edition is the Weapon of Sass Destruction himself…Effy!  On the eve of Pride month, we are proud to include of the most prominent voices for LGBTQ equality in wrestling in this latest indie game edition. Effy started his career in the Southeastern independents about […]

  • Centra: Badlands of Tarkania – A Prequel Tale: Part Three

    The following story chronicles the 3 characters being released in Q2 2020 COTG Prime as part of The SURVIVORS. Badlands of Tarkania, Centra: A Prequel Story.  To read part 1 click HERE. To read part 2 click HERE. Day 55 Christmas Eve night, unnamed settlement, Badlands of Tarkania The Survivors are weary, sitting together around a […]