Centra: Badlands of Tarkania – A Prequel Tale: Part Three

The following story chronicles the 3 characters being released in Q2 2020 COTG Prime as part of The SURVIVORS. Badlands of Tarkania, Centra: A Prequel Story.  To read part 1 click HERE. To read part 2 click HERE.

Day 55 Christmas Eve night, unnamed settlement, Badlands of Tarkania

sf传奇The Survivors are weary, sitting together around a fireplace in an abandoned home contemplating their final moments. The sun is almost down and soon hordes of the undead will be upon them for what is likely the final time. Bobby Lee rises to his feet, ready to face the challenge.  His fellow survivors join him.

sf传奇Thriller: This is the end! WOOOOO! See you on the other side, gentlemen!

Nikolai: If tonight is our last, so be it.  We go down with a fight!

A blinding light fills the room as the fireplace is suddenly replaced by a time portal.

A voice in the light speaks: If you want to live, come with me now.

sf传奇Nikolai: Who the hell are you?

As zombies begin destroying the walls of the home, Nikolai fires a shot at first attacker entering the room.  Bobby Lee takes a final look around before grabbing Nikolai and Thriller in a big bear hug.  He takes a deep breath before jumping through the portal.