Create Your Own Character Cards

Game fans can create their own characters using official “blank” playing cards available at the GWF online store.

Ready to really have some fun with Champions of the Galaxy? Then you’ll want to join many GWF promoters who use their own ideas to create incredible wrestlers of their own! They’ve been called “contraband” characters and “homemade” wrestlers. Whatever the name, they represent the best that Champions of the Galaxy can offer!

To create wrestlers of your own, first you’ll want to get sturdy paper to write your cards. Better yet (plug time) is getting our official blank playing cards made specifically for this purpose at the GWF online store. Some game fans have gone out of their way to make their “homemade” creations look exactly like Champions of the Galaxy cards by going to a printer and producing their cards. This costs extra money, but hey, what’s the price tag on true Art?

Getting the artwork for your “homemade” playing cards is the tough part. If you’re doing a game card for a known wrestler, say Stone Cold Steve Austin, you can always cut out a picture from a magazine and paste it to a blank playing card. If you are creating your own character, you’ll need to find a friend who can draw or (if you really take this seriously) pay an artist to draw the character. Randy Bugdale, an artist who has worked on Champions of the Galaxy cards (he did two characters for GalactiCon Bash) has made a side career of drawing characters for fans.

Thousands of fan-created characters have been made and this continues to be a growing area of the Champions of the Galaxy mythos. Fans are coming together to create entire game editions, handbook and all! Tom loves this creativity and only asks that people seek permission from him before they sell these items to others. We also ask that you give credit to Filsinger Games somewhere on your cards and handbook.

sf传奇Game cards are usually governed by specific rules. To make your character as authentic as possible, you may want the cards to conform to these rules stated below. These rules were originally published in GWF Promoter #39. Please send $2 to Fed Headquarters for this issue if you want to read this column in its entirety. If you have any questions about these rules, bring it up at the Guestbook.

—There must be a way to use all four major game charts on every wrestler’s card.

sf传奇—Each card will have three Chart situations (such as Into the Ropes) and two Choice Situations (such as Choice F).

—Of the three Chart Situations, two must be followed by a choice (c).

—When a Chart Situations appears on Level 1 Offense, it is never followed by a choice (c).

sf传奇—Agility and Power situations only occur at Level 1 Offense and a roll of “1” on Level 2 Offense.

sf传奇—On Level 2 Offense, Choice Situations and Chart Situations only occur in between the level 2 moves and the level 3 moves.

—Finishers never appear anywhere but on Level 3 Offense.

—The only Chart Situation that may be repeated twice is Out of the Ring.

sf传奇—When two Chart Situations occur in a row, the one with a choice (ch) comes first.

sf传奇—On defense, there is never a “down-3” on Level 1 Defense (imagine what a wimp that would be!).

sf传奇—Tag options (tag) decrease as a wrestler becomes “hurt” and then “down.”

sf传奇—Tag options (tag) occur consistently on the defensive level, such as (tag) only occurs for “dazed-1” on Level 1 Defense and only for “hurt-2” on Level 2 Defense.

—Wrestlers usually have more and better comebacks at Level 1 Defense than Level 2 Defense and so on.

—There is only one PIN option per card.

sf传奇—Almost all wrestlers have a leave the ring option (lv) and it is always on Level 3 Defense.

sf传奇—Cage Ratings don’t differ from PIN ratings by more than two.

—Agility and Power ratings are never better than “-5” or worse than “+5”

—Level 1 moves (such as headlock-1) usually occur on Level 1 Offense and sometimes on Level 2 Offense.

sf传奇—Weaker moves are always followed by stronger moves at any offensive level.

sf传奇—(ch G) and (ch H) only occur at Level 3 Offense (some collectible Champions of the Galaxy cards from 1986 have wrestlers with these moves at Level 2 Offense; see the collecting page for more information).

sf传奇—(ch A) and (ch B) never occur on Level 3 Offense.