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GalactiCon 2020 Goes Virtual

GalactiCon 2020 will continue to take place July 10-12, but will happen this year in a whole new way!  Due to ongoing concerns around large social gatherings Filsinger Games will be hosting GalactiCon 2020 virtually, with all events taking place online.
Promoters from around the world will be able to purchase a ticket to GalactiCon and take part in all the regular GalactiCon activities including:
– A Friday Night Get Together with other game fans where everyone can discuss the newly released Origins 2136.
– A Filsinger Games Trivia Contest with a special prize for the winner.
– An opportunity to bid on rare Filsinger Games collectibles in the annual charity auction.
– A special Q&A with Tom and special guests, including Darryl Banks.
– And of course the opportunity to participate in a number of tournaments against other promoters through Filsinger Games Online PVP on both Saturday and Sunday.
Promoters who sign up to participate in GalactiCon will receive information for private Zoom meetings for all events and will have access to all the digital cards they need for the tournaments.  They will also receive a limited edition exclusive GalactiCon playing card.
More specific details on the event will be announced in the coming weeks, but clear your schedule now for the biggest virtual convention in the galaxy on July 10-12!  We look forward to rescheduling our visit to Chicago in 2021.

Filsinger Games May Releases Are Coming!

Greetings from Federation Headquarters!  Things may be crazy in the world, but we are as busy as ever at Fed HQ trying to bring some fun into everyone’s homes in these social distancing times.  We are hard at work on our end of May releases at this point. Please note that the late May release time is subject to change depending on the availability of our printing and shipping partners.  While we will make every effort to release the games on time, changing local regulations may unexpectedly interrupt our plans.  Now onto the releases.

GWF Invasion 2090 – The 4th classic GWF game edition gets colorized.  This 12 card set features the first character updates in the game and some unique new characters.  Teasers for this set will come out each Friday until late May starting this week.

Best of the Indies 2020 – 8 brand new indie wrestler cards featuring the hottest names on the Independent circuit today.  Play out many of the top independent wrestling main events that are unable to happen in real life right now.  Teasers for this set will come out each Wednesday until the end of May starting this week.

Legends of Wrestling 2-pack – Legends fans we haven’t forgotten about you.  A two pack of color Legends cards will be made available with our COTG and Indies releases.  Find out who when preorder becomes available in early May.

Promoter Prime Q2 Releasessf传奇 – Our Legends, Indies and COTG Prime releases for Q2 will all mail with the May releases.  Keep an eye out each Monday through late May for Promoter Prime announcements as we rotate between brands starting next Monday with Indies prime.

The theme of COTG Prime this quarter is…The SURVIVORS. Badlands of Tarkania, Centra: A Prequel Story.


sf传奇Thank you to all the Filsinger Games fans that participated in our virtual convention this past weekend.  A few promoters competed against each other online and many submitted their results with some creative writeups.  Overall it was some great virtual wrestling fun!  Keep tuned to Filsinger Games social media and the message boards for more community gaming opportunities!

Here are the winners of each of the tournaments:

GWF 2089 Tournament – Thantos

sf传奇GWF 2135 Tournament – Monolith, Shayne and Perfect Specimen Three Way Tie

sf传奇CWF 2116 Tournament – Chaos Supreme and Star Slayer Tie

Legends Tournament – Big Van Vader

sf传奇Legends Ladies Tournament – Fabulous Moolah and Mildred Burke tie

sf传奇Legends Hardcore Tournament – Rob Van Dam

Indie Men Tournament – Michael Elgin

sf传奇Indie Women Tournament – Tessa Blanchard


sf传奇For full details of promoters’ tournaments check out the following threads on our message board:

BEAT THE BUG SHOWDOWN: Virtual Filsinger Games Convention!

sf传奇Usually this week is the biggest wrestling week of the year. While wrestling fans can’t go out to enjoy wrestling, Filsinger Games fans can stay inside and enjoy The Indoor Wrestling Game Event of the Year! The BEAT THE BUG SHOWDOWN features a number of Filsinger Games tournaments you can play out at home featuring some of the most epic matchups across the Champions of the Galaxy, Legends of Wrestling and Indie Wrestling product lines. Play as many of the 8 tournaments you want and let us know your winner and post your tournament results at the message board threads below. Make sure to let us know your winners by 11:30 PM Eastern on Sunday April 5th and we will announce them next Monday night.

sf传奇Stay tuned to Filsinger Games social media and the message board for other interactive events over the next few days.

Filsinger Games Summer Convention Coming to Chicago in July 2020!

sf传奇On July 11th Filsinger Games brings its annual summer convention, GalactiCon, to the Windy City of Chicago.  While GalactiCon has moved around the last few years, this is the farthest West the convention has ever traveled.  Chicago is a hotbed of wrestling and central to many Filsinger games fans.  The site of GalactiCon is the Holiday Inn Chicago O’Hare Area, which is super easy to get to by car, bus or plane and is right on the train line to downtown Chicago.

sf传奇This year’s convention will take place on 1 day, starting at 10AM and will run to 10PM.  It will include all the GalactiCon traditions including the Trivia contest, Charity Auction, Q&A and of course lots of tournaments!  The best part is that everything takes place in the same venue where everyone is staying, with a bar and restaurant open late for post convention conversation.

sf传奇For game fans in town Friday night, we will be heading to the iconic Logan Square Auditorium to see Freelance Wrestling, before coming back to the hotel for the midnight release of the 50th GWF game edition Origins 2136!  For folks still around on Sunday afternoon a group will also be attending the Chicago White Sox game.

For all the details on the convention including information on the hotel room block visit the OFFICIAL GALACTICON 2020 WEBPAGE.

See you this summer on the banks of Lake Michigan!


Promoter Prime is Back for 2020!


sf传奇Promoter Prime, the quarterly subscription service from Filsinger Games, is back by popular demand!  Like previous years fans will have the ability to to buy cards for the gamelines that interest them most, Legends, Indies or Champions of the Galaxy.  There will be tabletop, online and combo packages available as they have been done in 2018 and 2019.

sf传奇Kicking of the year in Q1 for Indies Prime is a pair of Americans that has plenty of experience in Mexico against a number of the stars of the Best of Mexico Indies set also being released this March.  Gringo Loco and Sam Adonis have done their best to get catch the ire of their opponents and the Mexican fans over the years and now promoters can pit them against their Mexican foes and can even reunite their tag team in their own promotion.  Joining Gringo Loco and Sam Adonis in Q1 is a previously created by unreleased card for Mercedes Martinez that better reflects her recent run atop the women’s ranks in the indies.

sf传奇Preorder for Promoter Prime 2020 will be available this Friday February 28th and will begin mailing by March 31st.  Stay tuned this Wednesday for news on the Q1 2020 Legends Prime cards, and this Friday for some major teasers on Best of Mexico, CWF 2116 and Legends Ladies 2 as preorder for all the Q1 releases becomes available.


Lots of Filsinger Games Goodness Coming in 2020!

sf传奇Federation Headquarters has been quiet since our December releases, but don’t think that we haven’t been busy behind the scenes.  We have big plans for 2020 and wanted to share with everyone whats in store!

This year we will have 5 game release dates, in March, May, July, September and December.  The great news for all fans is that each product line (COTG, Legends and Indies) will have a release during each of these 5 periods.  These releases could be either full game editions or special edition packs.  Also, Promoter prime will make a return in 2020, with the same format as the past 2 years, with different options for COTG, Legends and Indies.  These cards will mail quarterly with the March, May, September and December releases.

sf传奇Kicking off the year we have 3 exciting game editions debuting in March.

  • Legends Ladies 2 – A followup to the Legendary Ladies game pack that debuted in 2019.  8 more ladies are ready to enter your Legends promotion, featuring some familiar names as well as multiple new names to the Filsinger Games universe.
  • Best of Mexico – The most requested Best of set from Indies fans, this 8 card set features some of the most exciting and unique wrestlers on the Lucha scene today.
  • Future Shock Centra 2116 – The followup to the popular Future Shock storyline written by Mike Melesky.  This set brings 10 new names into the CWF and answers a number of the big questions left over after reading 2115…while also providing even more questions to ponder!

Teasers for all 3 game editions will start next Monday January 27th and continue through to the game release in March!

The Filsinger Games Holiday Teaser Season is Almost Here!

Santa Wolf is beginning to check his list to see what Promoters have been naughty or nice.  The Filsinger Games Holiday releases are coming soon, starting next week and will continue until games begin shipping in December.  Keep and eye out throughout the week for teasers on our upcoming products:

sf传奇Mondays – Legends fans get ready for announcements on the lineup for Legends Expansion Set 5.  This set will feature some highly requested names getting their first color card and multiple wrestlers getting their first ever Filsinger Games playing card.

Wednesdays – Champions of the Galaxy Classic fans get ready for exciting new colorized artwork for Invasion 2089.  And don’t worry about any blank backs on some of these cards, as all managers without stats in the original release will have brand new charts or stats!

sf传奇Fridays – The Wildcard Night with information on other things coming from the Filsinger Games universe including teasers on Q4 for Promoter Prime and some other surprises.

Preorder for all the holiday releases will begin on Black Friday November 29th. Get ready for the first announcement next Monday October 28th!

Tom Will be at Common Ground Games in Dallas on August 12

sf传奇The big summer game store tour continues as Tom will make his first-ever visit to Texas on Monday, August 12 at Common Ground Games!

sf传奇Come visit Tom, he’ll be bringing the newest releases (CotG and Legends) as well as starter sets for demos. He will be at the store from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

Common Ground Games is located at 1328 Inwood Road in Dallas.

sf传奇See you there!


Best of the Indies 2019 Sets Coming This Fall!

Filsinger Games first delved into the world of Indie Wrestling in 2008 with the landmark Legends of the Future game edition which featured some of the best names in indie wrestling of the day.  However, since the original Legends of the Future trilogy Filsinger Games has focused its indie line more on partnership with different indie promotions.  In a return to form we are happy to announce 2 new game editions coming this fall will once again feature the top names in indie wrestling today regardless of promotion affiliation.  Best of the Indies 2019 will feature 8 male wrestlers getting their first Filsinger Games playing card and Women of the Indies 2019 will feature 8 female wrestlers getting their first Filsinger Games playing card!

In addition Promoter Prime for Q3 2019 will feature cards chosen by game fans among characters that didn’t make the set and some of the more requested remakes of previous Filsinger Games cards.  There is also a 3rd poll for the newest card for the Olde Wrestling promotion.  Polls are open now and conclude on July 31st.  To vote in the polls click on the links below:

sf传奇Stay tuned next Monday for the first names for each of these 2 exciting game editions!